About Last Night

Last night I wrote a well, unexpected blog post because some pretty cool things happened.

If you didn't know I was in Halifax with my WYL fam for Atlantic Fashion Week. Last night was our show and it was so exciting. It was my first AFW and it was a whirlwind, but in the good way. 

In the midst of all of this I got a text from Luna. I worked with her in Toronto on a shoot for Free People Canada. She styled the shoot and did such an amazing job. She texted me something pretty exciting and honestly I still can't believe it. Free People posted one of my photos on their Instagram. Did I mention they have 2.9 million followers?  

I'll be real here, it's been a shitty week for me. Each day has been a struggle and with the end of term coming for school, things just seem to keep piling up. And it doesn't help that I'm constantly comparing myself to others, and I hate that I do. But I'm working on it. My friend Sarah wrote a kick ass blog post about comparison - read it here

You work so hard for what you love and sometimes it's hard to remember why you do what you do. But then something like this happens, and remember just how worth it it is. 

See the Free People post✨ 
✨ See the photos✨