These images with Ashley are a little different. Lately, I've really been into light. I've been wanting to create some images for a while now, that incorporated harsh light and shadows. After looking up some inspo images on instagram, I knew I had to take this technique on for one of my class projects. 

I'm also a huge fan of prints. I've been trying to print a lot more of my work. I created a book for an earlier project I did last year and I love it. So I want to make more of that. It's amazing to be able to hold images in your hand, or be able to look through a book of your photos. 

So with the idea of a print book in mind, I went into this shoot with Ashley trying to tell a story through the images, rather than having a bunch of portrait images. This was also the perfect way to practice switching things up during a shoot. 

I shot 3 rolls of film and I was super nervous to develop. I shot with Ashley earlier in the week with film, but they didn't turn out. For this shoot everything went perfectly and I'm so happy with these images. They matched my vision for this perfectly. 

A few of my favourites: