First of all let me say, 

I'm OBSESSED with these images. 

It felt so good to get back to shooting film. I've had this Minolta sitting in my room forever and it's working. Literally have no idea why I haven't used it yet. 

With graduation upon me, I think I'm in professional work mode. I'm so focused on what I'm going to be doing after school that I've forgotten that it's okay to experiment. This is when I should be trying out different techniques and doing fun, creative projects that I wouldn't have the chance to do if I wasn't going to school. 

Life doesn't stop though. I love what I do, I love being a girl boss, and to be honest a lot of the stuff I'm doing is as equally fun as it is preparing me for real life. 

Karen Casey spoke to our class yesterday and someone asked how she balances running a business with staying inspired. Karen said that she needs to find time to be creative. Taking a break from client work and working on her own creative projects - this is essential for her. I'm realizing it's essential for me too. Recently I was in a slump. I'm talking staying in bed because I was so stressed about the near future. I wasn't creating images and was ignoring all of my responsibilities. I wasn't blogging, planning shoots, NOTHING. And it sucked. Big time. 

The next shoot I had planned was this one with Autumn. I hadn't used my film camera ever and I was known for f***ing up when it came to film. I had never met Autumn before and I was shooting in a completely new environment. Yep. I'm getting anxiety just writing all of that down. But this is what I needed. And.... the shoot was so amazing! Autumn was incredible to work with - super nice, so easy to work with, and beautiful inside and out. I left that shoot feeling more confident and ready to tackle anything and everything than I had in months. This was what I NEEDED. Also - I'm so happy with the images! I've decided to take this and turn it into a longterm series, details are still being worked out in my mind - but expect a post about it soon! 

If you're ever feeling lost for motivation and creativity, or in any kind of slump: find something new and exciting, it can be anything. A new recipe you're excited about, or even images that inspire you. Force yourself to get out of the slump - even if it's getting out of bed. I know it's hard but believe me, it's so worth it. 

Here are my images from my shoot with Autumn, hopefully they inspire you - let me know🌟

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