Behind the Scenes: Luna

I was way too excited to be able to collaborate with Luna again earlier this week. The last time I had seen her was in Toronto for our Free People shoot so I was overjoyed to create more images with her, this time with her as the model. Nothing makes me happier than creating beautiful images with beautiful clothing so I was hella excited when she showed me the Free People pieces we'd be shooting. 

I headed to Sussex at noon and got there around 1:30. Still patting myself on the back because I didn't get lost. It was so good to see Luna (and her adorable Dachshund, Elmer) and we immediately headed out to shoot. The day was so perfect, it was above zero (yay!!!) and there was hardly any snow. There was however, a ton of ice. It was extremely slippery but we went with it. 

After we were done shooting our first look we headed back to Luna's and then we were back out again after an outfit change. This time, we were headed to the Bluff, a lookout point that is so amazing. The hike was.... interesting. It took us a good half hour to get to the top and Luna fell twice, but everything was cool, and we made it to the top. The lighting was beautiful and we got there around 3:30, so the sun was perfectly positioned for some amazing backlit shots. I was obsessed. And it was almost sunset, so the sun was not too harsh, and so very golden. It was a magical day and I wouldn't have wanted to start 2017 any other way. 

Kelsey SchroederComment