So I've recently been apart of a L'Oreal campaign and I got to try out their new Colorista semi-permanent hair dye. I've never had any fun colours in my hair before so I was a little nervous to try it but when I got the box in the mail (which was super cute BTW) I got really really excited! The colour I picked was aqua but I really want to try the pink too. I have ombre hair so I put the dye on my blonde ends. I really love the result, and I was actually really surprised at how easy it is to do yourself. I was slightly nervous it wouldn't look even or "professional" because I was doing it myself. BUT I was really impressed with how it looked despite the fact that I did it myself and let's be honest - doing my hair isn't my forte. Thank god my natural hair is nice. 

let me know what colours you want to try! 

Thanks so much L'Oreal for letting me be apart of this campaign and I can't wait to try all of the colours! 

Photos: Allie Beckwith