Blue Trimble Designs

I can't tell you enough how much I love this jewelry! Blue Trimble Designs is made in Vancouver, BC by Ann Glauser and I've been obsessed with it all ever since I discovered it at a local store downtown here in Fredericton! 

I am the kind of gal who doesn't really like to wear much jewelry other than earrings. But since I've discovered Blue Trimble, I've been getting more into wearing it. The pieces from Blue Trimble are super subtle but really tie together whatever look you're going for, they can be worn with literally ANYTHING. I love how the all of the pieces include natural crystal elements - they are one of my current obsessions so I love going out with it on, I also love layering the pieces for a little bit of a different look. Wearing these pieces really makes me feel good which is so important to me right now! Another thing I love about this jewelry, you can wear it over and over again and it doesn't seem repetitive. I wear my Amplify Ring almost everyday and it looks just as good with every outfit. 

I've linked a few of the pieces I could directly below as well as a link to shop all necklaces, enjoy!

Photos: Allie Beckwith