Day Trips & Creating

Photo: Allie Beckwith

Photo: Allie Beckwith

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post about today but I had a really fun creative day and I want to share! 

I went down to Saint John this morning to go do some work with Allie and for a meeting with my colleague, Lorne. If you don't know, it's my spring break so it was nice to take my time and spend the morning and afternoon there. I'm really starting to love this city. 

The morning started off shooting some content for Allie's blog and then we went to Bayshore Beach to shoot some film for a school project (which has now turned into a longterm personal project/series) You'll know more about that soon. I've normally been using my 35mm Minolta, but I'm doing a few shoots with a Bronica medium format camera. And it's beautiful. I'm so stoked to share the images with you guys. 

It was HELLA cold. 

Allie's fingers were so numb they had lost colour. Bless that girl for bearing the cold for me. 

Once we were done that (and warm) we hit Exchange on Germain and then Tim's. We both got the loaded potato wedges and they were amazing. After, we headed over to the arts centre - I wanted to show Allie Underexposed, but the exhibition was over. We stuck around and took a look at the work that was still up, though. 

Later in the afternoon I met with Lorne about a secret project we're working on. I can't share much right now but it's super exciting, fashionable, and creative -- stay tuned! 

Today was a blast! With graduation coming up, I feel like this was a taste of what life will be once I'm graduated and have to adult? And I'm alright with it. Being a girlboss is fun.