I’m really happy to finally be sharing this project I’ve been working on with you all! 

How it started?

I love what I do. I really do, but lately I’ve been creating things for other people and I was really in need of a creative outlet. Something I can completely take control of. It’s really important to keep the fire alive in my passion and this project was exactly what I needed.

With school projects I’ve had a lot of freedom and I found myself struggling for locations to use for photoshoots. It’s winter in Canada, and there’s a lot of snow. It’s unavoidable. I hate the snow, I really do. I really wanted to avoid having snow in my photos, also taking photos in freezing cold weather isn’t fun. Trust me.

For one of my projects I decided to rent the auditorium of the Charlotte St Arts Centre, a local arts hot spot here in Fredericton. My style is very minimalistic and clean so this space was perfect. Literally an empty room with white walls, aka my dream (and no snow). Autumn Smith was my first model and she was the first person I shot in this location. I also happened to be using my film camera.



After I developed the photos I was in love. With every aspect of these images. The location, the simple and natural poses, the film, the black and white. I was hooked.




So I kept it going. I used this space for most of my school projects after, making each set different. And it just went on and on. And I was falling more in love with it. Each time I used the space, I would find different angles to shoot from. I used different film camera, but kept the film black and white because it was so elegant.

Existence was born.

This series is about celebrating women, and capturing their existence in a simple, elegant location. The poses are natural and I want to show the subject being and existing in a space. As well, I want to equally document the subject and the location they are in.


My goal?

To create. A lot. I want this project to turn into a pretty large, personal body of work that can evolve over time as I grow. I want to keep using film and have a few places on my list to shoot in for this project. I have a few personal goals as well for myself within this project. But I’m keeping those a secret because they are goals for nobody but myself. And that’s really exciting.

Thank you to all of the ladies that have been apart of this project – you are all so inspiring and I look up to each and every one of you.

 I’m going to keep posting behind the scenes and images from each shoot and have a couple new blog posts coming soon. Stay tuned!