Fall, I'm ready for u

Ok, it's literally felt like forever since I've blogged. My life did a 360 (in a good way) and I've had to adjust a lot. But I'm starting to feel like myself again and I'm so ready to be blogging again!! I've been more focused on Instagram lately and have (classic) kind of changed up my style. I want to be a little more artistic with my work and curate my instagram a little bit more. I may even do a little bit of a website switch up. *Don't hold me to this because I could change my mind!!!* 


The seasons are changing and I'm actually kind of excited?? I've been really into a couple of brands I want to share with you. The first, BonLook is an eyewear company that I'm obsessed with. They're located in MTL and it was a perfect match when they reached out to me. If you didn't know I've been wearing glasses since I was nine years old (and have had to get a stronger prescription for my eyes every year since then) lol. It was a match made in heaven. I opted for a dark frame because Fall is coming and black is just so classy and goes with everything! I'm so happy with these frames. 

The other company is Zara. Yep, I'm obsessed. They're sales are literally the best on this planet I got 3 pairs of jeans, each of them were $10. WHAT. I also snagged a bunch of other amazing sale items that I'll hopefully be sharing with you here. I'm wearing all Zara in this outfit, it's perfect for fall!! I can't wait for the weather so I can wear cute sweaters and jackets and jeans from Zara. Eeeeee! 

Also, I took a little trip to Saint John to see my girl, Allie Beckwith. I've missed her so much, and shooting with her was very much needed. All photos here by her <3