Fig and Moss


I am so so happy to be sharing with you one of my new fav brands, Fig + Moss! They make small batch apothecary products which are super cute and they are sooo good for self-care. Self-care is really important to me, so I was so excited when I got my Fig + Moss goodies in the mail! 

star dust pillow spray

This pillow spray is the bomb. I used it the as soon as it came and it changed my life. I was actually super stressed when I got these in the mail so I couldn't wait to use this therapeutic mist. There are so many essential oils in the mist, the smell is overwhelming - but in a good way. It's really relaxing and helped me get to sleep, when I'm stressed I usually have a hard time falling asleep, so I love that this just relaxes my senses and calms me down before ending the day. This is definitely now a huge part of my evening ritual. 

Ingredients: lavender water hydrosol, lavender essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine essential oil, frankincense essential oil, sea salt


floral salt soak

I love the floral salt soak from Fig + Moss - it's equally relaxing and good for you as it is cute. I love the ingredients in this!! I'll list them below. Yes, self-care is important for you mentally, but it's also so important to take care of your skin and use products that don't just make your skin feel good, but also do good. This bath salt soak restores the skin's reserves of vital minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and so much more. It smells amazing and makes your bath hella cute. 

Ingredients: dead sea salt, organic lavender buds, organic rose petals



I'm seriously obsessed with all of the Fig + Moss products. There's so many different things to purchase that are all so good for you. The packaging and labels is so cute and instagrammable. I can't wait to try more products - and take them everywhere with me, especially when I'm travelling. The small batch size makes these products perfect to carry along with you wherever you go. I love carrying the pillow spray with me, so if I'm feeling stressed when I'm out, I can just spray some on my face when I'm out. 


Shop more Fig + Moss here.... I want everything 🙈