Hello Summer

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SO... I have a couple of well, life updates.

I kind of ~officially~ became an adult. If you didn't see on my facebook or instagram, I accepted a full-time job at Volvo Cars as Media Coordinator. I'll be blogging lots when I'm not working so expect lots of updates on here.


Second super cool life update:  

My boyfriend Jamie and I signed a lease! We got this super cute apartment downtown right next to a park! After looking a lot of shitholes, I'm so excited to move into this place. 



I'm really excited about this look. This dress is one of my all time fav pieces and is PERFECT FOR SUMMER. Ok ya the weather has been soo rainy and grey, but summer is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to blog about this. 

I love the tie dye print and the colours are great to pair with any colourful staple accessory - there's literally so many options. Because I don't wear a lot of colour, my go-to look is always a neutral top and bottom and a purse that is bright and bold. 

This. Blush. Jacket. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

I'm obsessed! It's perfect to throw on over the dress when it cools down in the evening. It's really light so it doesn't even feel like a jacket. I loveeee the colour and it's pairs perfectly with the neutral colours of the dress. 

You can shop this whole look at Wasted Fashion. Anddddd spring styles are 50% off - Eeee!!! 

dress: WASTED FASHION | BRAND: nanavatee
Jacket: WASTED FASHION | BRAND: black swan
glasses: prada
SHOES: nike