Happy Monday! 

This weekend I got to attend Dee Wilkie's Kindness Slumber Party to celebrate her NEW Kindness Boxers. Dee is a surface designer and one of the most creative hardworking girl bosses that I know, so I was super excited to be apart of this! 

It was hosted at the Delta (my fav hotel) and ohmygosh did they ever spoil us! Chocolate covered strawberries, wine, champagne. They're the best. They even left us personalized notes - so cute!! 

We started the night off creating content & taking lots of photos in our boxers, which by the way, are the comfiest thing ever. As soon as I put them on my life was changed, they're so soft and cozy. 


Heights Cold Brew Coffee Company showed up and surprised us with some Nitro Brew Coffee. This is pretty much super coffee, and I wanted to try some because I needed fuel for the night and wasn't really feeling alcohol. I put about 30 pumps of french vanilla syrup to mask the coffee taste... also why not lol. It was actually really tasty and definitely did the trick. 

After we got settled in, we started off the night with a kindness panel!! Dee interviewed each of the girls who attended the slumber party. Along with myself and Dee, here was our kindness girl gang: 

Kayley Reed
Kate Giffin
Alexandra Van Rijn
Alex Vautour

We all got interviewed and it was super fun, I was hella nervous but Dee made me feel so comfortable. Find my interview here! 

After our interviews, we took an hour and wrote some kind words on Facebook about our favourite local business, this is something I was really happy that was included for the night - I love so many local businesses so it was cool to write some kind words about them! 

We finished the night with a kindness letter writing party. I wrote to my mom and dad, my sister, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend's parents. Another thing that felt really nice to do and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

The Delta was so amazing, they also provided us with free breakfast the next morning.... yeah, was definitely think about that alllll night. We woke up pretty early, and ordered breakfast ASAP. Needed it. I ordered steak and eggs with a passionfruit tea. Best way to start a Saturday. 


I think my favourite part of the night was when we cracked open the champagne bottles and all took turns toasting Dee. This girl has worked so hard and I'm so proud of her for everything she's done. Love you, Dee! 

Thanks so much to the Delta for hosting! You guys are the best 💓