Levi's and Basic Tees


I (clearly) can't contain my excitement. I've been dreaming about owning the perfect pair of Levi's. You've probably guessed by now. Yep, I've found em'. I love the light wash and they're super comfy. Personally, I can only wear high waisted jeans, it's what's most comfortable to me. Whenever I'm trying on a low or even mid rise pair of jeans, I can't stop playing with the waist and pulling them up, it just doesn't feel right and constantly bothers me. 

I got the Wedgie fit in "Kiss Off", which looks super vintage and has that mom jean style - which I also love. The bottoms are distressed/frayed, they've got it all people. Yes they're pricy, but I'm a big believer in the whole you get what you pay for motto. Just by looking at these, you know they're going to last me a while. 


Basic tees are something I always overlook. They're super underated - in my closet anyways. I don't know if it's just me but when it comes to basic tees, I never think about wearing them and when I do where them, I feel great in them and actually really confident. I'm a minimalist so they really go with my personality and style. Bonus: This tee was $5!!!!!!!!! 


Another thing I love about basic tee's - You can pair them with anything. I love wearing a look that has a piece that really stands out. With a tee like this, it can be a choker, dad hat, leather booties, or even tuck it in to a pair of jeans like what I'm wearing here. So good. 


Eeep!! I forgot to mention - I won the "I Love Envy" contest. Sharing my looks on social media and where I got certain pieces as well as brands is something that I love doing. What I love about Envy is that you can actually score a $50 gift card if you share and tag your purchases on instagram! I do it anyways so it's really nice to be rewarded by your fav shops for something so simple! I think it's great that they do this. I got this whole look at Envy - I just can't stay away



Jeans: Levi's
Tee: Envy
Shoes: Converse


Photos: Alexandra VanRijn