Mexico: A Year Later

This time last year I was in one of my favourite places, Mexico. I was feeling nostalgic, so I decided to do a re-edit of some of my favourite days while I was there. While doing so I came across a ton of new photos that I had previously overlooked. I decided to re-edit them because I've changed my style up.  

I'm a huge advocate for change when it comes to my photography. My style is always changing and evolving - I'm always working on different looks for my photos based on what I'm currently inspired by. I used to get really anxious when I would go through these phases, but I've learned to roll with it and really embrace it. 

A big inspiration to "rolling" with it is a potter I heard about in school. Every couple of months, she destroys her old work. Basically, you can't get attached to your work. This. Is. ImportantOkay yes, that sounds terrifying. BUT, something about her process really stuck with me. If I'm too afraid to let my old work go, how will I ever really fully put myself into my new work? 

You may not agree with this (or you might think I'm crazy) but I need to be authentic and this is the most authenticity I can offer you. I'm rolling with this. So, here is the first set of photos I'm releasing with this new mind set. I couldn't be happier to share these with you all. My heart is full.