Happy Saturday! Wait. Happy April!

I can't believe this month is already here. I have a lot happening this month and this week was super busy. 

Yesterday I got my hair done and a new tattoo... eep!! I also had photoshoot with Nora Swim and then I went to the Delta for a super fun Kindness Slumber Party with my good friend Dee and few other gals - such a great night. (Blog post coming next week!!) 

I just wanted to give you guys an update because I've been really busy and I want to keep you all in the loop. 


Tuesday was a really exciting day. I'm working with Kyra Dawn with some beauty stuffffff aaaand I decided to get microblading. I was so excited about my appointment but extremely nervous. Like my eyelashes, I had zero idea about the process.

I got to my appointment and couldn't wait to ask about the process. It's a two hour appointment but it's not all microblading. I had to get numbing cream on my brows, fill out paperwork, decide on pigment, shape, and then wait for the numbing cream to set. Kyra made me feel so comfortable and made sure the pigment and shape suited me best and was totally open to changing up pigment and shape depending on my preference. She really gave me a lot of freedom and made sure I was going to be happy with everything. Which is hella important cause it's my brows. And they're on my face. .....Ya, you get it. 

The blading wasn't bad guys! I felt nothing. It was really nice cause I thought it would be v painful. Kyra made sure to keep asking if I was okay and she also covered me up with the coziest blanket. I felt like a queen. 

I love that this is so low maintenance - I have to get a 6 week touch up, but after that I'm good for a year! Yasssss.

I feel like such a boss babe with these brows. I can't thank Kyra enough for these! I'm still so obsessed. 

To book with Kyra: 
Blonde Inc. 

Photos by: Kayley Reed


Photos courtesy of Kyra

Photos courtesy of Kyra