Morning in Port City

Thursday morning I took a little trip to Saint John to collaborate with girl boss Allie Beckwith. She's a blogger and fashion photographer and she's killing it right now. She works with all kinds of brands and I was so excited when Allie invited me to come down to Saint John and shoot with her. 

For me, 2017 is all about creating whether that's blogging, photography, or creating content. I'm already so excited to be collabing with Allie more, we knew what shots we wanted and kind of just got each other, it was super fun. There was so many good creative vibes. We started shooting some pieces from Missguided at Allie's place, then shot her in another look outside on Prince William St. Another thing that I love about collaborating - you get to shoot in a new city! I've only been in Saint John a couple of times and every time I get the chance to go I love it more and more. It has such an industrial feel and there are so many old buildings with beautiful stone detail (and the weather is always perfect for shooting!!). 

After we were done on Prince William we took the good vibes with us and did a rooftop shoot! Allie took some photos of me wearing a couple new favourites. The first is a grey wool coat from Envy, it's so cozy and warm but also super light and easy to wear. I was also wearing my fav jewelry by Blue Trimble Designs - a company I LOVE. They make amazing jewelry made with crystals + they're Canadian!!

After that, I took some more photos of Allie in a dress by CassBurr Designs. Such a simple dress but so pretty and perfect for any occasion.  

I can't wait to collab with Allie more. Check out her blog here and keep your eyes peeled for the photos from our shoot on Thursday! Stay tuned ✨