Happy Sunday everyone! 

This week has been a long one, but it ended with spending the evening with a lot of my favourite people who I haven't seen in forever. This week is starting off with sleeping in yet still being super productive. I'm so behind on blogging and it feels so good to be writing this post! Also the item I'm writing about is one of my faves and I'm so excited to tell you about it. 

Remember when I went to Saint John a couple weeks ago to shoot with Allie Beckwith? Well, a few days before I picked up a wool coat from Envy (also called a coatigan), I've been looking for this style in a coat for a long time, and was so happy when I found one that fit the bill. It's a grey wool trench from the brand ONLY, they're tag line is super fitting (for me anyways) - "my favourite wardrobe". 

It makes me feel like a real boss babe. To me, a coat is one of the most important parts of a look. Ya, you might have a killer outfit on underneath, but nobody sees it when you're outside wearing a coat! So to me, a coat is a huge fashion essential. And it's really important that it doesn't just look good, but is also warm and comfortable to wear. I have a couple of coats that are so so warm, but they aren't the nicest and they're super bulky. And, I've learned that a long coat is a must!!! I'm usually always cold so when I'm outside so I love having a coat that covers most of my body. It doesn't zip or button, but has a belt that you can tie, which does the job of a zipper or button up and is great for keeping the heat in! It's so easy to wear and do things in which is also a big plus. This coat really has it all and this is my fav purchase in a long time. I got it at Envy and it was on sale, yay!