When I started the series GIRLS, I originally wanted 7 girls instead of 6. Riley was in Toronto BUT she came home for Thanksgiving and we did a shoot! Woo! Her style is great, and her Instagram is way too cool. 

Recently in my work, my style has kind of shifted. So much inspiration came from LA and the west coast and I'm so drawn to it now, my style reflects that. And I love it. It's taught me to really photograph for myself, no matter what the project. It's allowed me to become more creative and really explore with my editing style and a whole new look for my photographs has come out of that. My eyes have been opened and I've learned to really be aware of the whole process when I'm shooting, which has helped me so much compositionally.

When planning my shoot with Riley I really wanted that stunning golden light. We planned the shoot for just before sunset and it's been so long since I've shot in that light. Did I ever miss it. It was so beautiful and the light was perfect. 

We had three different looks, all of them I'm was in love with. Lots of brands I'm so into right now. Levi's, Free People, Puma... ah, fashion. 💕 

Location: Yes, a little cliche - but I can't stay away from concrete! The parking garages in Fredericton do have a reputation of being cliche, but I love shooting there. It's so urban and I love it up there. When shooting, I try to make it less cliche, and give it a different look than just a parking garage. 

The shoot was amazing and I'm obsessed with all of the photos. Check out my faves here

Some other favs: 

Side note: I'm writing this blog to give you some insight to my mind when it comes to photography, share my creative thoughts with you, and also connect with everyone, not just photographers and fellow creatives. Basically, this is something that I wish I would've had to read when I was just starting out. Maybe I'll write a blog post focusing on advice I would've have wanted straight up along the way of this creative journey?

Kelsey Schroeder