Saint Andrews

Because why not?

Saint Andrews is one of my favourite places and day trips are also my fav. Who doesn't love a good roadtrip?! Karen, Alix, Lorne, Margie, Denise, Michaella, and I travelled first to Minister's Island and then we ventured into Saint Andrews. 

A few things I learned about Minister's Island: 

1. It's absolutely beautiful
2. If you decide to take a shortcut through any kind of field, you'll come across a lot of s***
3. The island is MASSIVE

I had never been there before so it was super fun to explore and take photos. I ran alllll the way out to the ocean and it felt so good to be so close to the waves. It was so nice and sunny which made for a happy Kelsey. 

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

We went to the Algonquin, took photos, saw a lot of dogs, looked at some art, took more photos, bought some candy, I pretended I was a TV studio host, bought way too much candy, ate fresh fries and drank cold cider, and ended the day with ice cream, (which was the size of my entire face). The drive back included lots of old school Taylor Swift - couldn't have asked for a better day.

Algonquin 2.jpg