The Perfect Backpack

Today was filled with all kinds of creative goodness.

I spent the afternoon shooting with my good friend Alix and yes, we were freezing, but we tried to shoot inside as much as possible. I was the model (woah), so I'm excited to see the images Alix shot and of course, share! So, when on creative excursions with my pals I really hate having a ton of stuff on me, whether I'm out running errands, shooting photos, going to work/school. or travelling. I love a good crossbody purse, but most of the time, I can't fit my camera or other bigger items like notebooks and my agenda in my purse. So I invested in a backpack. And it's perfect. Fun fact: my favourite colour is grey. Yes, grey. And this backpack is grey!!! I am so over the moon about it. I ordered it from Matt & Nat and I couldn't be happier. And the brand is from Montreal, YES CANADA. 

I bought the Vignelli, coloured in Carbon, it opens like a doctor's bag so I have easy access to pack all my things inside. The straps are loose fitting (also adjustable) and even when I have everything pack inside, it doesn't hurt my back and feels super light. The biggest adjustment going from a purse to a backpack was easy access when buying things/grabbing things out of it when I'm on the go. I took it out with me today and it was so easy to swing the Vignelli around and grab whatever I needed. One last thing about Matt and Nat - ALL products are made with vegan leather and the inside is nylon made from 100% recycled plastic bottle. So cool. 

Shop Matt & Nat, and read more about this rad brand here