So, I wanted to give a little update because my shoot for Free People Canada yesterday was fab and I'm having the best time exploring and drinking all the hot chocolate I can find.

Toronto, you’ve been good to me. I’m heading back home tomorrow night and I'm making the most of my time here. I'm exploring as much as I can and trying to see as much as possible. Yesterday was a creative high. One of the best shoots of my career to date and I was surrounded by so many creative people. It was rad. The day started pretty rainy, our first location was indoors and by the time we were done shooting a couple of looks, the rain stopped! It was one of the best feelings. It’s the little things, am I right? The rest of our locations were amazing, and the lighting was so good. I loved working with Luna, she styled the shoot and did SUCH a good job pulling pieces and putting looks together, I was so in love with everything. The models. Woah, these girls were beautiful, and they all had such a different, cool look. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better day.

PS: You will get dehydrated if you shoot all day with out being smart and drinking water or snacking. Yeah, that happened to me (and it was the worst feeling ever).

I won’t keep the shots secret for long, but for now, check out my instagram for some Toronto content, I’ve got lots more planned.


Luna, Riley, Rachel, Aneta, Amanda

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