You Can

Ever been told you can’t?

Watch this.

I recently watched this video by Casey Neistat and it’s really got me inspired. With graduation upon me I’ve really starting to stress about what’s to come after. I’ve got a pretty solid plan, but nothing is for sure. If you know me, then that’s pretty scary - until things are actually set in stone my mind seems to always be on worry mode.

This video has inspired me to create no matter what. Yes, life is hella busy, but if I let myself fall into a slump then I’m afraid I won’t get back out of it. Creating is what makes me happy and I need it. No matter how small the creation – make it happen. It could be as simple as creating an idea. Small victories are worth celebrating, and that is SO underrated. Life can get hard, trust me, I feel you on that, and I know that there’s so much pressure to create something huge and amazing – but you don’t have to. Not right now. Work towards creating something amazing. Take the small steps. Celebrate the tiny victories that got you that much closer to your goals. If you reached a goal, celebrate that too. Celebrate with self-love and everything that makes you happy. Let that feeling of reaching that goal stay with you let it lead with everything else that you do. Keep creating. Keep working.

Girl bossing is hard. But doing it alongside some of my best gals is so inspiring and they make it seem like things are going to be alright. I’m talking to you Kayley, Dee, Allie, and Ashley. Seriously – these girls are killing it. I’m a huge believer in community over competition. When were all together there’s so many amazing ideas that happen and it’s so empowering. Hell, it’s empowering just to know these babes.

So what am I going to do now?

I’m going to do what they say I can’t. I’m going to keep creating, blogging, being inspired. I’m going to celebrate the tiny victories.