Blogger's Brunch

February 19th marked the first ever East Coast Blogger's Brunch. 

What!!! And little ol me was apart of it? Yep! I was so honoured to be invited to this event, alongside some of the coolest, most influential gals on instagram and in the blogging game.

There's so much talk lately about community over competition and this event was really a testiment to that. We shared instagram secrets, blogging tips, and more.  It was really awesome to talk to all of these girls about their different platforms and interests. 

One of my best gal pal's Kayley created this and I'm so thankful to have her in my life - she's such a creative and inspiring force in my life. This is one of her passion projects and I'm so happy she brought it to life, and I'm #blessed to be by her side. Proud of you, K

Kayley's friend, Laura hosted the brunch at her place and I'm IN LOVE with this gal's house. It's full of the most beautiful interior pieces. I'll be instagramming it 4ever. Also she has the cutest doggo, Hudson. 

I could go on and on about all of the amazing women at this brunch, I got to share the morning with a few of my best gals and I got to meet some amazing new women. Cheers to all of you, you're all going to change the world πŸ₯‚


This spread πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Also - cutest gift bags. Post coming soon about the goodies inside!


So I've recently been apart of a L'Oreal campaign and I got to try out their new Colorista semi-permanent hair dye. I've never had any fun colours in my hair before so I was a little nervous to try it but when I got the box in the mail (which was super cute BTW) I got really really excited! The colour I picked was aqua but I really want to try the pink too. I have ombre hair so I put the dye on my blonde ends. I really love the result, and I was actually really surprised at how easy it is to do yourself. I was slightly nervous it wouldn't look even or "professional" because I was doing it myself. BUT I was really impressed with how it looked despite the fact that I did it myself and let's be honest - doing my hair isn't my forte. Thank god my natural hair is nice. 

let me know what colours you want to try! 

Thanks so much L'Oreal for letting me be apart of this campaign and I can't wait to try all of the colours! 

Photos: Allie Beckwith


First of all let me say, 

I'm OBSESSED with these images. 

It felt so good to get back to shooting film. I've had this Minolta sitting in my room forever and it's working. Literally have no idea why I haven't used it yet. 

With graduation upon me, I think I'm in professional work mode. I'm so focused on what I'm going to be doing after school that I've forgotten that it's okay to experiment. This is when I should be trying out different techniques and doing fun, creative projects that I wouldn't have the chance to do if I wasn't going to school. 

Life doesn't stop though. I love what I do, I love being a girl boss, and to be honest a lot of the stuff I'm doing is as equally fun as it is preparing me for real life. 

Karen Casey spoke to our class yesterday and someone asked how she balances running a business with staying inspired. Karen said that she needs to find time to be creative. Taking a break from client work and working on her own creative projects - this is essential for her. I'm realizing it's essential for me too. Recently I was in a slump. I'm talking staying in bed because I was so stressed about the near future. I wasn't creating images and was ignoring all of my responsibilities. I wasn't blogging, planning shoots, NOTHING. And it sucked. Big time. 

The next shoot I had planned was this one with Autumn. I hadn't used my film camera ever and I was known for f***ing up when it came to film. I had never met Autumn before and I was shooting in a completely new environment. Yep. I'm getting anxiety just writing all of that down. But this is what I needed. And.... the shoot was so amazing! Autumn was incredible to work with - super nice, so easy to work with, and beautiful inside and out. I left that shoot feeling more confident and ready to tackle anything and everything than I had in months. This was what I NEEDED. Also - I'm so happy with the images! I've decided to take this and turn it into a longterm series, details are still being worked out in my mind - but expect a post about it soon! 

If you're ever feeling lost for motivation and creativity, or in any kind of slump: find something new and exciting, it can be anything. A new recipe you're excited about, or even images that inspire you. Force yourself to get out of the slump - even if it's getting out of bed. I know it's hard but believe me, it's so worth it. 

Here are my images from my shoot with Autumn, hopefully they inspire you - let me know🌟

Blue Trimble Designs

I can't tell you enough how much I love this jewelry! Blue Trimble Designs is made in Vancouver, BC by Ann Glauser and I've been obsessed with it all ever since I discovered it at a local store downtown here in Fredericton! 

I am the kind of gal who doesn't really like to wear much jewelry other than earrings. But since I've discovered Blue Trimble, I've been getting more into wearing it. The pieces from Blue Trimble are super subtle but really tie together whatever look you're going for, they can be worn with literally ANYTHING. I love how the all of the pieces include natural crystal elements - they are one of my current obsessions so I love going out with it on, I also love layering the pieces for a little bit of a different look. Wearing these pieces really makes me feel good which is so important to me right now! Another thing I love about this jewelry, you can wear it over and over again and it doesn't seem repetitive. I wear my Amplify Ring almost everyday and it looks just as good with every outfit. 

I've linked a few of the pieces I could directly below as well as a link to shop all necklaces, enjoy!

Photos: Allie Beckwith