I am twenty-two! Yep, cue Taylor Swift. Last year I was shooting a wedding but this year I feel like I've grown so much. I graduated, travelled, moved out of my family home, got an apartment, got a full time job in my field, gained a lot of self confidence and self acceptance, struggled a lot, and changed my mind a million times. A lot happens in one year. But I finally feel like I really know where I'm going in life and I've answered a lot of questions I've had for myself regarding my future, who I am, and what I want to be doing. Honestly it's been a long year of "what am I doing?", "what do I want to be doing?", "what should I be doing?" and other really big decisions. But at 22, I feel like I really know the answers and I'm really confident with where I am. 

There has been so much support from my family, my boyfriend, my friends, people I know, people I don't know. It's so refreshing and my is heart full.

Here's to being twenty-two and trying to be superwoman. 

Staple Jumpsuit

I'm really excited to share this look with you guys! I've always loved stripes and this jumpsuit is so perfect for summer. The weather on the east coast has literally been all over the place so this jumpsuit is perfect for both warmer and cooler days. It's super light and airy (so glad it didn't stick to me) and I love the cut of the top! 

I paired the jumpsuit with a thin open front cardigan. It's so perfect for layering and I love the light green colour. 

The converse make this look perfect for a summer day, but you can definitely wear this out in the evening or for datenight! 

Photos: Alix Surette

Floral Embroidery

Happy Saturday! 

I decided to treat myself a couple of weeks ago with my first Zara order. I'm really into blues, neutrals, and floral embroidery so a lot of the pieces I picked out have one of those elements. I also recently got a new camera. I joined the Fujifilm family! I got the new XT-20 and I'm really happy I made the switch. I was a little bit nervous just because I've always used Canon, but I wanted something I can document everything with, especially my everyday, and my Mark ii was just way too big and heavy to carry around. 


I don't normally wear pieces like this but I really want to start investing my money on brands I truly love and Zara is one of those brands. I discovered Zara not too long ago and I can't wait to order some more pieces. The floral embroidery is really nice and adds such a chic touch to a basic shirt. The big sleeves are really fun and loose so it feels really light when I wear it. 


Mexico: A Year Later

This time last year I was in one of my favourite places, Mexico. I was feeling nostalgic, so I decided to do a re-edit of some of my favourite days while I was there. While doing so I came across a ton of new photos that I had previously overlooked. I decided to re-edit them because I've changed my style up.  

I'm a huge advocate for change when it comes to my photography. My style is always changing and evolving - I'm always working on different looks for my photos based on what I'm currently inspired by. I used to get really anxious when I would go through these phases, but I've learned to roll with it and really embrace it. 

A big inspiration to "rolling" with it is a potter I heard about in school. Every couple of months, she destroys her old work. Basically, you can't get attached to your work. This. Is. ImportantOkay yes, that sounds terrifying. BUT, something about her process really stuck with me. If I'm too afraid to let my old work go, how will I ever really fully put myself into my new work? 

You may not agree with this (or you might think I'm crazy) but I need to be authentic and this is the most authenticity I can offer you. I'm rolling with this. So, here is the first set of photos I'm releasing with this new mind set. I couldn't be happier to share these with you all. My heart is full. 


Happy Sunday! 

On Friday I graduated! I can't believe 3 years at the craft college has come to an end. I learned so much, grown so much, I met some of my best friends here, and I went through a lot of ups and downs creatively. The college shaped who I am as a photographer and I couldn't be more grateful for this place. 


Volvo Pop Up | Moncton

Happy Tuesday! 

This past weekend I got to travel for work! I always love to travel for work, no matter how far it is. Saturday, I travelled to Moncton for our first Volvo pop up shop. 

It's basically a portable dealership that we bring to a city for four days only. We had our entire lineup and I was super excited to work at it. My co-worker Matt and I left Fredericton at 8am, stopped at Tim's, and then hit the road. The pop up opened at 10am and it was located at Casino New Brunswick. I couldn't wait to see this set up - I had seen a couple of photos a few days before the weekend and it looked really dope.

Obsessed with the aesthetic

Obsessed with the aesthetic


I was impressed, this place was so cool! The pop up was built so well, and even the interior of the pop up was so aesthetically pleasing to me. So much natural light and white. And the cars all looked amazing. I was drooling. My favourite in our lineup is the XC90, this car not only looks good but is unreal to drive.

Favourite features of the XC90:

  • I'm all about the interior of this luxury SUV. The tan inscription leather is so comfortable to sit in. 
  • The huge screen, there are so many options and I love that I can connect my Spotify and my iPhone. 
  • The blind spot indicator - this is such a smart and safe feature. There are lights that come on if someone is in your blind spot. 

I spent the day not only taking photos but also greeting people. It was so cool to be able to greet people at this super unique experience, knowing that they are genuinely excited to be there and look at these beautiful vehicles. Best Saturday in a while.  

What I love about working at Volvo Cars NB is that Volvo fits so well with my style: clean, minimalistic, and modern. I can really be authentic because Volvo hits it head on with everything from aesthetic to service. I love everything about this company. 


We're in Saint John this Saturday! Come visit us.